Agnes Lui Hong Kong Painting

With the ever-changing positions of the planets and the rotation of the Earth, the night sky is fascinating to observe. When I look into the telescope to take a closer look of the multitudes of stars adorning our universe, I can’t stop wondering the insignificance of mankind. How will each of us look like when observed from the exoplanets or stars in other galaxies? As miniscule as stardust? None of us will survive long enough to see the finite existence of galaxies which the scientists could gauge in exact numbers with the aid of the most advanced technology. The life span of mankind varies with individuals, but it’s an undeniable fact that our lives are much shorter than those of the astronomical bodies in our universe. If we are merely stardust travelers of particular time frames who have to surrender our possessions here when the journey ends, what kind of footprints would each of us want to leave in the universe?

Some people are looking for the artists’ messages in viewing the artworks. Mine is as simple as this: be grateful for everything even if it may not be pleasant at this very moment. I could never have imagined at the depressive state a few years ago that I could walk out of its shadows by discovering my talents and going after an interest stemmed from childhood, which become the indispensable foundation of my career. I am fortunate to have these.