Yasmin Noorbakhsh United Kingdom Mix Media


“As an Iranian-British woman, experiencing interruptions in my life is more normal than surprising. Life has taught me that catastrophes can appear in life very unexpectedly. Having experienced difficulties of social, political and natural disasters, I have learned to reflect, select, revise and edit to forge ahead. 

I was born in 1978 when Iran was experiencing the Islamic Revolution and the war between Iraq and Iran happened in 1980. I experienced my early years of life with lots of disruption and strife in my surroundings and after the war; many other interruptions were created in my life. I have learned from it all to be mindful in life. Most important is how you act and improvise in time of crisis. 

In this mixed media piece,  a mono print and an image are combined and in foregrounding tensions between depth and flatness, questions are explored of how we may transform ourselves during difficult times?”