Salome-Charlotte Camors France Mix Media

Deeply inspired by auto-destructive Art, my plastic research focus on individual responsibilities in the construction of our environement.

"Land of ice" is a work extracted from the modular instalation "Akunnaaq", it's an unique 50x100cm picture of immaculate arctic landscape on raw steel. The use of steel act as a mirror game with our environment. Indeed, being subject to oxydation, the work will initiate a slow destruction process unless spectators break existing standards in exhibition place to apply a varnish. As our fragile ecosystem, the work will desappear if we don't change our habits, turning from passive consummers to actives builders of a sustainable society.

The complete instalation, composed of 20 works on raw steel, was realised during an immersive residency of one month in the arctic circle. Far from internet and common utilities (running water, electricities, toilet) the creation involve myself in a kind of slow-life performance close to fluxus spirit.