Annabelle Mandeng Germany Painting

Climate change is taking on alarming forms. Only by uniting the continents of Europe, Asia and America, which are largely responsible for this development could this negative change be halted. The three egg-shaped shapes symbolise the three continents and their gloom reflects the seriousness of the problem. Surrounded by the billowing flames - i.e. the increasing temperatures of our planet - only unity can lead to calm. This can be seen in the middle. When all three join together, the climate calms down in their protection. The noble goal of balance shines in gold. And the continents also change for the better. The golden interior stands for the insight in the face of the threat of climate change to finally take sustainable measures to save the environment. At least that is my hope, so "Only Together" is also part of the "HOPE" series.

acrylic on canvas spotted with a fine brush, height 1 m 80, width 1 m 40, depth 2 cm