Annabelle Mandeng Germany Painting

Norm, normal, real is a critical look at our society and the different types of people. In our society ethnic background, gender, sexual preferences, skin colour, cultural and religious background are constant points of conflict. The egg shape symbolizes the different ways of life, green as a symbol of hope with the golden core of acceptance and tolerance. The dark surroundings show our real society with all its racist, intolerant traits, but there, too, gold flashes through because tolerance, respect and humanity are gradually asserting themselves. With my ethnic background as the daughter of a Cameroonian and a German, I am constantly confronted with this striving for unity within our society. If you look at the community as a whole, it becomes clear that this diversity creates great harmony. At least that is my hope. So "Norm, normal, real" is part of my current series HOPE.

acrylic on canvas spotted with a fine brush, height 1 m 80, width 1 m 40, depth 2 cm