Sai Anurag Nandagiri Germany Painting


My Name is Anuraag. I am 25 years old and come from India . I am an Engineer by qualification and an artist at heart. I work at an engineering firm as a Design Engineer.

As an artist, I am nurtured purely by life and emotion. I am self-taught, but with great regret often find myself using the word ‘Amateur’. Trying to channel my inner self, I am initially surprised by and eventually detached from my own creations.

This artwork is from a more recent experience and describes my experiences with love and relationships. I see my spirit as a tiger who lost its stripes in an attempt to adopt false identities. Getting back my stripes is from an experience where a euphoric thought brought a sudden sense of clarity in life.

Size : 30 cm x 40 cm a

Medium: Watercolour on 350 gsm paper