Gambasin's artistic curiosity has repeatedly met with "I numeri": abstract reality, a structure that is complex and simple at the same time, eternal, infinite, but ephemeral, in search of their character and their structure. 

Numbers have at the same time the dimension of infinity and that of everyday life and Gambasin tries in his painting to interact with their forms and their angularity. 

This research integrates Gambasin's surrealist approach to life-death/reality dream and the theme of sexuality, which often appears as a nuanced background in his works.

But in this case the theme of sexuality emerges overwhelmingly because the painter has decided to challenge the immortality of numbers thinking of giving their form a "consistency... sexual".

So the desecrated (or consecrated) number becomes erotic support, it somehow becomes the "coat hanger" to hang sexual organs and erotic gestures. 

Strange... and surreal reading of numbers!!!! 

It is a surprising customization born perhaps echoing a little 'Arcimboldo, in its use of fruits and vegetables to create faces.