zhiyan huang United States Installation

ROOM 114 is an interaction instillation which can simulate communication while being in a playable mode for the participants. The product is designated to be an inflatable sculpture which is as large as the room when it fully loaded with air. This sculpture installation mainly explores the positive and negative relationship of space and the dynamic relationship between space and the people inside. When the inflatable sculpture is gradually aired, the range of activity of the participants was gradually limited by the ever-expanding sculptures, while, meanwhile, the participants obtained a dynamic spatial experience by moving, touching, and being corned by the inflatable sculpture. As a result, avoiding a seemingly dangerous situation , the participants would likely to simultaneously form a space for others to move and breath by forming a teamwork such as holding hands forming a semi-circle with bodies to stop the ever expanding aired sculpture. This is what I want to bring forth – that to provide a secure but seemingly dangerous circumstance for people to show their cares on others and protective side with teamwork.