Lavanchy Christine Switzerland Installation

Double-sided prints on cotton paper - French author entirely manuscript, linocut and watercolor, patina with encaustic.
CLOUD: copper wire, knitting and crochet, chicken wire. Iron coated. Natural oxidation with rain (1 year).
GROUND: on the ground, slates.
SUSPENSION: hemp alpinism rope, worn by time, used in the Swiss Alps.
MOORING: one stone 5 kg+/-, carabiners and mountaineering peak worn over time, used in the Swiss Alps.
DIMENSIONS: 80 X 80 X 350cm.
TALE: in a very poetic way, the story of Samivel tells the first ascent of the Matterhorn seen through the eyes of a young jackdaw who lived with his family in the east face of the mountain, remained virgin until now. A magnificent ode to the mountain, but also a metaphor on the greed of the human to conquer Nature for his ego.