Naama Freedman Israel Video

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The video "And I Acted on My Fantasies" is a 5:11 minute video loop of myself reciting a text which constructed from several interviews held with serial killers that I found on Youtube. By editing together sentences and paragraphs spoken originally by the killers themselves, I created a narrative which raises questions about the relationship between control and passion, fantasy and rational behavior. This somewhat extreme subject acts as a point of reference to test the boundaries between sexuality and violence.

This is a subject I've been intrigued by for many years - while encountering a serial killer would be my greatest fear, the idea was that more I studied the subject, the greater illusion I had of having control over it. If I could understand why some people acted the way they did, I could somehow overcome that fear. I also find interesting in this regard the question of determinism and the randomness of violent behavior - could they have acted differently? Why them and not me? And can I really be certain that I would never slip into that mindset?