Karen Mathison United Kingdom Photography

This body of work has been made around the of the anthropocene, which is the name given to a recently propositioned epoch that parallels human influence on the earth. Humans are leaving indelible marks on earth’s geological surface, oceans, systems of nutrient cycling, and atmosphere. Humankind has become a global geological force in its own right. 

Industrial and Technological evolution has provided human beings with an advanced means of production systems that make up our society. These global man-made systems have become un-controlled planet-changing forces.  The future of our planet and future generations un-deniably depends on finding a way to manage these systems. 

I hope to affect my audience through my visual work by evoking a sense of place, space and time. Using various photographic methods, photographs have been repurposed fragmentally to portray an essence of our planet’s degradation. I have focused on the familiar of man’s impact, depicting and reflecting on society from varying points of this change and loss, including this industrial heritage as previous Industrial Mills have been destroyed and replaced with new buildings. 

Photographs have been made using a handmade 10x8 Wooden pinhole camera on photographic direct positive paper and then elements fragmented to emphasise keys points within the initial pinhole photograph to increase the visual affect for the viewer, and to convey the message of degradation.