Maria Chernysheva Russian Federation Painting

“Miroc is a trippy yellow creature with colorful organs which lives from music” – that is what my friend told me. “I see the world of dreams, generated by music”- one child told me. However, initially, I painted the artful visualization of the novel and powerful method in neuroscience. It was developed by my colleague Yaroslav Sych in the Brain Research Institute of Zurich. High-density multi-fiber arrays provide readout and optical control of mesoscale network dynamics in mammalian brains. In simple words one can record 48 areas in the mouse brain, “switch-off” or “switch-on” some areas and study functional changes in behavior-related network dynamics.

MIROC : Multi-fiber Interface for Readout and Optical Control. “Miroc” also sounds like a Russian word meaning “a small world”.

Oil on canvas, Zurich 2019