Mondher Aounallah Switzerland Painting

Gouache on Sennelier satin paper 300 g/m2, 50 cm x 70 cm


Pointillism in volume and minimalism are two terms I use to talk about my work. This work consists of creating geometric compositions, patterns or perspectives in which I exploit simple volumes, namely the flat surface of the paper and the spheres of paint. To do this, I have long sought to paint these drops of well rounded, smooth and matte paintings and have developed this technique. The gouache, mixed with a medium that I make myself based on water and a secret natural product is applied using a syringe normally used in pharmaceutical research laboratories. This syringe delivers very precise quantities of product, in this case paint, which I deposit, drop by drop, on the paper containing the information I have previously drawn. I use for some compositions, 3D modeling software or vector drawing.
I am inspired, for these works, by architecture, geometry, mathematics or optical effects that I use to create pieces as clean as possible. For the moment, I only work with white paint, which allows me to focus on composition and form, to mix rigor and softness or to play with light.

The name of the works refers to the nature of the work and the number of spheres.

The next thing I would like to experiment is exponential grids representations.

My camera is unfortunately not very good, which prevents to see the effects of volume, reliefs or results depending on the point of view. If you want or need more pictures or better quality, do not hesitate to contact me, I will find how to do it!

Thank you for the time you give to my work and participation.