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I take my nature’s belong from the present, past Big Bangs and release to future Big Bangs.


How I identify my nature and if my nature knows knowledge of past Big Bangs? May I create a unique universe?

My approach is negative thoughts. I am a sensitive over-thinker, whenever my negative thinking ends; on that particular strange time, it gives lot energy think positively.  The strange time processes every idea; it is like space which witnesses every event. More, it is as a black hole which swallows Big Bang, real black hole and space of infinity and so on. What happens inside I don’t know, but when it becomes Big Bang that is not general Big Bang is a strange Big Bang.

I accompanied by knowledge of Big Bangs. Trillion, trillions of times the Big Bang and the conscious are repeated. The matter of the Big Bang continues to exist, its information co-exists, and my brain gets it as an antenna. With this, I do adventure from the starting time of the cosmos and the end, It is my hypothesis, if not, to be an imagination. Every universe might include life, culture and so on. My work, stand not alone for this Big Bang and all Big Bangs.


My nature likes the subject of science from all Big Bangs and but now the science of chemistry. I know scientific materials than common materials. These are social liquids; with this, I create a new character and a new form of 'chemical compounds' and several meanings.

Forms of artefacts here assumed atoms when I realized these artefacts keep coming on my colour palette. Due to congested place (in India), many times I mix them with colours. First, I felt an emotion of hatred, with that mixing. But later realized and pondered, what is the relationship between these objects and me? Why are these things staying with me and why being in every Big Bang for life? Then I started looking at it in a metaphysical way. When I get into these objects, explore from atom to atom. There I am astonished, I am right there in front of me (my beauty and my happiness). I am not only in these objects but also in every object of this Big Bang and conceptually in every Big Bang and in different combinations. Like as, I identify my nature. My work approach is multidisciplinary.